CPP20212 Certificate II in Security Operations includes all training needs for eligibility to apply for a Security Agents licence in General Guarding, Crowd Control and Approved Crowd Control.

This eLearning component is designed to support the training you receive in class and will help to embed the knowledge presented to you throughout the course. 

The CPP07 Certificate III in Security Operations is fast becoming the minimum qualification requirement's across Australia and gives the advantage of bridging the gap between licensing courses and career pathways providing essential skills and knowledge to move into higher paid supervisory, management and security risk management careers.

Tactical's Licensing Package gives the benefit, convenience and competitive costing to achieve training needs of licensing for both General Guarding and Crowd Control, PLUS including Approved Crowd Controller requirements! The Licensing Package is supported with practical reality based training and adult learning techniques and premium quality training resources. This program caters for employment outcomes across all areas of security general guarding, security patrols, crowd and venue control including approved crowd control.